I have been playing with the different options for connecting the device directly or to the router.
I have found that for me the best and reliable connection and with the best range is to using the device directly (Ad-Hoc as it's called?) I have an excellent range without dropping out and managed to connect to a vehicle from 30 metres (only for experimental purposes)
However, using infrastructure mode, for me it's a waste of time, very unreliable, so until I fix the issue, Direct connection is the only way. Without doubt, I reckon it's an issue with my router. so when I get the issue fixed, I'll report back in the hope it'll help others.
Or does anyone know of any particular router settings I should use?
Yesterday I even tried relocating my router from inside the office, to outside of the office to the workshop on a bracket on the wall, it made no difference.
Am I correct in saying that infrastructure mode Should be better than Direct connection? Or maybe I just go and buy a better router, we'll see.