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Thread: VCDS-Lite Service Indicator Reset

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    Question VCDS-Lite Service Indicator Reset


    I'm looking to turn off the instrument cluster SERVICE indicator in my recently acquired 2003 A4 3.0L Sedan. From the on-line RT manual, I found ...

    Home >Products >VCDS >Support >Car Info & Procedures >Audi Service Interval Reminders

    1998 and 2008 (for 2009+ you will need to use the SRI Reset button):

    [17 - Instruments]
    [Adaptation - 10]
    Enter channel 02
    The "Stored Value" is the current value for that channel.
    Enter the "New" value of 0 (zero)

    This looks to be a straight forward procedure using my VCDS-Lite, but I would like to verify that it is correct for my 03 A4. I'm guessing the "and" between 1998 and 2008 is a typo and should read "through".

    Additionally, I'm also guessing that the indicator trigger is a fixed mileage (or time) value that is stored elsewhere. Is there a procedure for changing this value?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, setting channel 02 to 0 is a "simple reset".

    Channel 40 is: Distance since Service (x100 km)
    Channel 41 is: Time since Service (days)
    Channel 42 is: Minimum Distance to Service (x1000 km)
    Channel 43 is: Maximum Distance to Service (x1000 km)
    Channel 44 is: Maximum Time to Service (days)

    Some clusters get unhappy if you put non-standard values into 42, 43, and 44. So if you wish to have a reminder sooner after a reset than those indicate, it may be better to 40 and 41 upward immediately after the reset.

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    Thank you, Uwe

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