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Thread: Q7 2015 Brake light separation

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    Q7 2015 Brake light separation

    Is it possible to separate the break light from turn signal on US Q7 2015? I searched for this but couldn’t find an answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martinq7 View Post
    Is it possible to separate the break light from turn signal on US Q7 2015? I searched for this but couldn’t find an answer.
    Hi Martin,

    Please please post an Auto-Scan of the car in question. You can see this link on how to do that.

    Also, just general searching and information leads to me believe that it is not possible to achieve that without additional wiring from the CECM to the modified taillights but I can't say for sure because we need your part numbers and other information that an Auto-Scan gives us.

    The NAR models get completely different wiring harnesses and components, so you would need to run additional wires and buy new taillight housings(the European ones with Amber turn signals) for your car. Even if you achieved that, I'm not sure the CECM module (which controls the tail lights) would allow for sending the activation signal via different wires

    Have a look at this video:

    I'm sorry that this is not what you want to hear but VW/Audi do really like cutting costs for NAR markets (especially since regulation allows it)

    Some more info: Some BCM/CECM allow for "master lighting schemes" but I'm not sure if they allow for separating turn signals from brake lights. Uwe from Ross-Tech, can give you more info (although he would also need an Auto-Scan)

    I know a person who moved to Europe and to comply with regulations, he did the following (with help of VW dealer):
    1) New tail-light housings
    2) Additional wiring
    3) New BCM/CECM and recoding for extra stuff such as rear fog etc etc

    It is worth mentioning that VW charged him an arm & leg to do this but nonetheless it was done

    However, if you're willing to buy new tail-light housings, run new wiring under the carpets and buy a new European car compatible CECM (if VCDS can't help), then yeah it should be possible

    Hope this info helps

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    I can't remember how the MY2015 and MY2016 are in the US, but in Europe a MY2015 is the facelift of a 4L - and a MY2016 is a 4M (the current one)

    The YouTube video gokarty posted a link to is for a Q7 2016 4M.

    So maybe it is possible to split the signal and brake lights - because it should be possible on the 4L - and if a MY2015 in the US also is a 4L - it should be - the models are normally available in EU before the US.

    So in addition to an Auto Scan, we also need a Controller Channels Map of control unit 46 - especially the channels 181 to 210 (use login code: 16017)

    When we have the Auto Scan and the Controller Channels Map, we can have a look if it is possible or not.
    Rene Larsen

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