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Thread: VCDS product support - just a quick thank you

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    VCDS product support - just a quick thank you

    I have been using my VCDS hard and software for a while now. LOTS of use (daily) for various uses (from diagnostic to softcoding to data logging for tuning).
    When I broke the OBD2 end, contacted Ross-Tech to buy a new cable (or replacement parts).

    Uwe responded right away (part available). Shipped to me priority mail, and did accept any payment i offered (to at least cover S&H).

    Just another example of the great product support provided by Ross-Tech.

    In comparison: bought quite expansive Innovate logging system (complete LM-2 set, plus EGT set). Spent HOURS to try to get it to work. Downloaded and studied manuals (useless). Emails, phone calls. Website support requests.
    Only after days/weeks did one support phone contact indicate little secrets like "oh, you have to power up xxx first, then connect yyy", "no, you cannot "see" live data with the logging system, only if you also buy the special serial cable, and connect a laptop", etc.

    Thanks Ross-Tech for a well designed, build product, and exemplary product support.

    Only wish I have: offer a button that allows me to install new updates later (instead of constant reminder to update). Background: with every VCDS update, I have to modify several other programs to get them to work again. So I try to run updates only when I have time to fix those programs. Once in a rush (middle of tuning a car), I accidentally clicked on 'update', and the rest of the day was lost since other essential programs were rendered inoperable!

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    I don't follow.. Why would you have to "modify several other programs to get them to work again" after updating VCDS?


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