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Thread: No label file available for 5F (S6 C7.5 2015)

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    No label file available for 5F (S6 C7.5 2015)

    Hi all,

    Please excuse me if this topic has been up before. I found a few posts which could be similar but there the label files was mailed directly to the OP.

    I need to make some changes to my 5F device but cannot use the Long-Coding because no label file is availabe. Yet under labels I see "4G1-035-MIB-HGH2.clb" which matches my navigation (4G1 035 partnumber and it's High Gen2. Do I need to rename this label or can I import it in VCDS when coding?

    Thank you,

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    Do we have an Auto-Scan from this car somewhere? If so, please link to it rather than expecting us to hunt through all your old posts looking or it. If not, please post one.

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