2001 1.8T MK4
Symptons: slight squeel upon startup engagement. It was worse before I pulled the starter and performed some simple cleaning and greasing of the planetary gears and Bendix (plunger).
Further, I suspect the starter might be getting a bit tired since my crank strength/crank rpm doesn't seem quite strong enough (I have yet to measure the current draw. Battery is 6 months old AC Delco). It's not bad like a weak battery, but just doesn't sound quite right. And I have no other 1.8T to which to compare. About 90 amps is average for this starter/engine package?

Add'll details: CA car, no rust. Well serviced.
I should probably disconnect and clean the engine ground just for good measure, its a 19yo vehicle after all.

Other than cleaning and greasing of the above parts, are there any DIY hacks to help the bendix/plunger to return to it's resting spot, after starting?
Its hanging up a bit, generally when cold.

Which brings me to this question. If my 19yo starter is going out, who is to say a rebuilt Bosch won't have the same weak magnets or weak return spring? Or even a worn bendix tube with out-of spec clearances? Anyone have a better understanding of the double secret starter rebuilding process?

Finally I know a Bosch rebuilt is about $150.00. and relatively easy to replace.

Thank you in advance.