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Thread: Rear cam retrofit... what am I doing wrong?

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    Rear cam retrofit... what am I doing wrong?


    I’m trying to fit a Highline reversing cam to a 2017 Skoda Superb SE. It seems this model would usually have a Lowline camera fitted as it comes with a Bolero head unit. Unless others are wrong, the Highline supposedly works fine in place of a Lowline though... just no active guidelines etc.

    I used the following (Lowline) coding:

    Select module 10 Park/Steer Assist

    Go to coding 07, long coding helper and select Byte 2. Then change Bit 4-5 to rear view camera installed, Exit and select Do It to change the coding.

    Follow the same method for module 5F Information Electronics. Select Byte 19 and check Bit 4, Exit and select Do It to change the coding. Exit VCDS.

    After doing an MMI reset it changed the display to the correct layout, but only showed the picture for a second then went blank. It now occasionally shows up for a few seconds then disappears... maybe 1 in 20 times, but never stays on the screen. Even when the screen is blank there appears to be a signal getting through (dimly lit screen) that you don’t get with the fakra/signal cable disconnected and more noticeable when raising the brightness etc. I even managed to get the picture for a few seconds when opening the driver’s door once It also displays “Park assist is not available” occasionally when coming out of reverse gear.

    I have checked the cabling many times, but I could easily be missing something. I'm getting a few fault codes (see below) but when I switch back to the previous/default coding, clear faults and scan, there are no errors. I stupidly jumped into this without proper research and should have just bought a Lowline unit. Is my coding off? Or maybe the camera needs additional parameters? Maybe I need to use part or all of the Highline coding?

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