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Thread: New EU 2011 Passat B7 VR6 owner

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    New EU 2011 Passat B7 VR6 owner


    I'm the new owner of a European 2011 VW Passat B7 Variant, 3.6L VR6 4motion with DSG 6-speed gearbox. Got it beginning of march.
    The car has 157000km (97000 mi) on the clock , and I hope it will last me another 100000km !

    I got that car because I liked the engine and gearbox. Also, from what I understood they are pretty reliable, or am I wrong?
    So far the car drives well. The engine and gearbox feel smooth, and still pulls well when flooring the gas pedal.
    All service seems to have been done on time by legit VW service centers (although the service manual is in German, which I don't speak at all).

    I've driven it a bit more than 300mi now since purchase, in city, on highway, and a little on small roads, and I really haven't noticed anything wrong with the car, except the bluetooth that won't pair with my iPhone.

    I bought a VCDS cable from the Swiss distributor Kaufmann Automobile GmbH.
    The two main reasons I got it are:
    - I want to see if I can do something about this bluetooth problem,
    - I want to check the overall condition of the car, and do early diagnosis. Spoiler alert: I got quite a few codes after the first auto-scan...


    EDIT: I may code a few things as well, like staging, or folding the side mirrors with the key fob

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    Hi and welcome.

    I see you posted your Auto-Scan here in the Car Repair section.

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