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Thread: Valvelift GTI

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    Valvelift GTI

    This is an extreme long shot...

    Long story short, if I want, I have the opportunity to build a GTI block with A4 head for nearly free.

    Does anyone know if the valve lift is coded on? I'm hoping it isn't a full custom tune.

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    That is a long shot! - Can it be done.... sure... Given enough time and resources... you could do it.

    Audi valvelift system (AVS) is not simply added on to a Volkswagen by coding the ECM.

    There is a lot of work that it would take to retro-fit the Audi valvelift system properly. You will need to swap or make/modify the wire harness because the Camshaft Adjustment Actuators are activated by the ECM ground and powered by the J271 relay.

    Then there is the concerns with the ECMs.. You will need an Audi ECM because each one of these Camshaft Adjustment Actuators needs to be controlled and a VW ECM was never designed for that.

    Next, the replacement ECM will somehow have to be matched to the vehicle and then that brings up the question, do the other powertrain controllers care about an ECM that now has the Audi valvelift system, ABS, trans, steering.. different torque and power curves?

    When I bought my 2009 Passat that had a 'locked up' engine due to a timing chain failure, I was looking around for some 'other' cylinder heads and this same thought did cross my mind to use an AVS head. Instead I fixed the damage to #3 spark plug hole and so far so good, 25k+ miles later.

    Have fun, never stop thinking outside the box and hope this helps,


    For more information about the Audi valvelift system and other repair information please visit
    Look for the Audi SSP called The 2.0L 4V TFSI Engine with AVS Self-Study Program 922903

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