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Thread: Steering wheel clunk

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    Steering wheel clunk

    Hey all
    I have a clunk from the steering wheel just when i turn on the car and in the first wheel sterring move i can feel some clunk but then everything normal
    Audi checked the blots and everting fine
    Idea ?

    the car is audi rs3 2016
    And no fault codes

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    Which bolts have Audi checked? I would check all the front suspension and steering component fixings for tightness and also the ball joints for play.

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    I agree with PetrolDave. - You should verify what Audi says and I may take it a step further if you did not find anything obvious. You may have to loosen and re-torque ALL the suspension hardware, including the sub-frame, the steering parts, axles, etc.

    If this does not help, I would invest in an Automotive Stethoscope (under $20us) and ask for assistance from a second person.
    - With the automotive stethoscope you can place the listening end on a suspect part and the other person can turn the rack.
    - The nice thing about the automotive stethoscope is that they are very sensitive and you hear only what is being vibrated at the end of that scope.
    - Many times you can pick up on a noise that is near by and not necessarily at the source due to the vibrations.

    Use the Official Factory Repair Information for repair information and torque specifications.

    Hope this helps,


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