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Thread: Retrofit byte 18 problem

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    Retrofit byte 18 problem

    I have a 2016 passat se us version and i was messing around with my new vag com cable and changed the settings in byte 18. I changed it to 06 in byte 18 and my car`s bulbs of drl and my tail lights didnt work at all. none of the other numbers work even the original code 00. i want to get my lights working properly the way i had it .
    I tried using the reset (0C i think) and then tried changing it back to 00 and nothing. anybody have any suggestions to make my lightening working back to normal? I would greatly appreciate the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trans72 View Post
    none of the other numbers work even the original code 00
    Was there not a warning shown when you went to change byte 18 from 00? What VCDS version are you using? If you had posted a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan it would be MUCH easier.

    Byte 18 being 00 is usually a sign that the "real" value has been hidden by VAG - changing it to any other value removes the hidden internal value, so changing it back to 00 doesn't restore things how they were.

    IMHO the best (only?) way to get your lights working correctly again is to go to a VW dealer and get them to reset module 09 to the factory settings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trans72 View Post
    I would greatly appreciate the help.
    Getting help in this forum requires the use of a legitimate VCDS system.

    They are available directly from us:

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