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    I replaced my steering wheel and about a month later my airbag light came on. My vcds doesn't find a fault?
    Should it be showing a fault code? I see module 15 in the gateway scan but no data in the scan. How do I debug this? I suspect the ground inside the steering wheel but would like to use vcds to debug this if possible.

    VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64
    VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4508.4
    Data version: 20190930 DS308.0
    Dealer/Shop Name: tom richards
    VIN: 3VWCP21C12M422630   License Plate: 
    Mileage: 205820km-127890mi   Repair Order: AIR BAG LIGHT
    Chassis Type: 1C (1C - VW New Beetle (1998 > 2010))
    Scan: 01 02 03 08 15 17 19 25 29 35 37 39 46 54 56 65 75
    VIN: 3VWCP21C12M422630   Mileage: 205820km-127890miles
    Address 02: Auto Trans        Labels: 01M-927-733.lbl
       Part No: 01M 927 733 KT
       Component: AG4 Getriebe 01M    4891  
       Coding: 00000
       Shop #: WSC 00000  
       VCID: 0C42AD45EF589F87A5F-0962
    No fault code found.
    Address 03: ABS Brakes        Labels: 1C0-907-37x-ABS.lbl
       Part No: 1C0 907 379 J
       Component: ABS FRONT MK60      0103  
       Coding: 0004097
       Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
       VCID: 313C1CB12D3A926F769-5160
    No fault code found.
    Address 17: Instruments        Labels: 1C0-920-x4x.lbl
       Part No: 1C0 920 921 BX
       Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. M73 V08  
       Coding: 03232
       Shop #: WSC 02258  
       VCID: 75B4E8A19CD2FE4FEA1-4B1E
       3VWCP21C12M422630     VWZ5Z0Z8121200
    No fault code found.
    Address 19: CAN Gateway        Labels: 6N0-909-901-19.lbl
       Part No: 6N0 909 901 
       Component: Gateway K<->CAN    V082  
       Coding: 00006
       Shop #: WSC 26030  
       VCID: 70BAD9B5E3B0DB67397-4B1E
    No fault code found.
    Address 46: Central Conv.        Labels: 1C0-959-799.lbl
       Part No: 1C0 959 799 G
       Component: 2K Komfortgerát HLO 0004  
       Coding: 00064
       Shop #: WSC 00066  
       VCID: 3B203E99FA76683FDC5-4B00
       Subsystem 1 - Part No: 1C2959802A
       Component: 2K Tőrsteuer.FS KLO 0002  
       Subsystem 2 - Part No: 1C2959801A
       Component: 2K Tőrsteuer.BF KLO 0002  
    No fault code found.
    Address 56: Radio        Labels: 1J0-035-18x-56.lbl
       Part No: 1C0 035 157 D
       Component:  Radio DE2         0005  
       Coding: 06033
       Shop #: WSC 42259  
       VCID: 1D64D00144A2060FC21-51CE
    No fault code found.
    End----(Elapsed Time: 03:30, VBatt start/end: 11.8V/11.8V. VIgn 11.8V)-----
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    Yes, 01-Engine and 15-Airbags are conspicuous in there absence from this scan.

    Of course if the airbag module is completely off-line, the airbag light will be on. The light is on by default and a happy airbag module turns it off.

    I would start by checking all fuses.

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    In addition to Uwe's suggested path....

    The ground for the airbag module maybe inadequate too, causing the K line to have an issue & since other modules are seeing the 01 & 15 on CAN without broadcast error.

    To test this theory check it and block 125 values in respective other modules for CAN broadcast and trace the ground or blown fuse.

    In rare cases cluster could be faulty or harness plug back side of cluster could be contaminated with coolant or corrosion bridge FOD.

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