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Thread: VW changed oil type w/ TDI servicing.

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    VW changed oil type w/ TDI servicing.


    If this has already been discussed, I apologized in advance. Googling "vw OR volkswagen AND 0w20 OR 0w30" only returned one forum posting from 2015.

    VWoA is having all their dealership's service centers use 0w30 with their EA288 / EA189 TDI engines. Thought everyone would like the heads up. Some of you may ask why? and wouldn't VWoA know best?....

    My EA288 Passat went in for it's big 100k servicing (timing belt KIT, water pump, belt, oil, blah blah blah). Driving away, shortly after reaching normal operating temp my engine sounded like crap. Cam noises, all sorts of not good noises, vibration was different (I can usually feel when most engines are half 1/2 qt. low oil...) Took my car back next day, dealership service go over their work.... Took my car back next day, dealership goes over their work... Took my car back third day and demanded their shop forman both ride with me and drive my car with me. It was at that time I learn "oh... btw... VWoA is having us use 0w30 in our TDIs and thats really been untested." And then there was some back shoving of .
    Hmmm.... my engine sounds like a rock tumbler and you're just now telling me... oh btw...

    After purchasing my own 5w30 for diesels w/ DPF conforming to VW both 50* specs. My service writer verified the oil specs and did a full oil change w/ my own oil free charge.

    Thats the whole story.... and as for why: VWoA is taking their cues from Ford & MOPAR. Thinner oil means less work/resistance on running engine (until it breaks) yielding better fuel econ. However parts wear out quicker, engines wear out quicker; not good for people expecting their TDIs to last.

    Told regional QTM that if any damage happened to my engine due to thinner oil, I would never buy another VW auto group product ever. Quality and integrity is a long term investment.

    That's my 0wSoapbox and FYI for people using warranty/dealership servicing.

    Thank you for your time,
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    That is BS. First of all , when engine is Hot 0w30 and 5w30 are same . Second number is for How , first engine is for cold.
    Second thing 2009 and 2015 has exactly same tolerance and all of those 2009-2014 never had problem with 5w30 and now 2015 has it , bla, bla, bla.
    To me , problem is 10k oil chnage with new engineering of diesel fuel, and people not checking oil level, every car I checked oil level after 10k was low at least 1qt of oil. So 4.5 qt full engine that is more then 20% less oil in engine. I would not go more then 6-7k on any TDI , .
    My cars I do every 5k with every 30k lubro moly cera tec. On my 2 TDi with 260+K on it not problems even at -15F cold start in morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetta ,97 View Post
    when engine is Hot 0w30 and 5w30 are same
    This is true.

    They both thin as they heat up and being xW-30 means they thin to relatively the same viscosity.

    xW-20 would be thinner at operating temp.

    Perhaps they simply fitted the WRONG oil (xW-20?), or had a mislabelled batch???
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    New Skoda vehicles, from MY20, are being shipped from the factory with 0W20 oil - to reduce emissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PetrolDave View Post
    New Skoda vehicles, from MY20, are being shipped from the factory with 0W20 oil - to reduce emissions.
    Our 2018 Tiguan (FSI) also got 0w20 at its first oil change at the dealer last year (not sure what it came with from the factory). I am not particularly thrilled with this.

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