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Thread: The meter not show the fuel in the tank. Golf Mk7 2014.

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    The meter not show the fuel in the tank. Golf Mk7 2014.

    Hello .
    Sorry for the language but I use a translator (I don't know English very well).
    My problem is that the meter does not indicate the fuel level.

    Wiring - OK (checked transitions to the meter),
    fuel level sensor - OK (removed, measured resistances ),
    meter - OK (VCDS control, fuel clock is working properly),

    Extended VCDS measurements

    1) IDE03473-MAS03798 fuel level sensor - raw value 1832
    2) IDE03473-MAS03799 fuel level sensor - raw value 1949
    3) IDE03474-IDE0034 calculated volume - fuel level 0.0 L

    When I move the connected level sensor - values 1 and 2 change, but the fuel level - NOT.

    Help - what's wrong
    Removed.   Data from a clone/pirate copy of VCDS is not acceptable here.
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    Getting help in this forum requires the use of a legitimate VCDS system.

    They are available directly from us:

    ... Or from any of our authorized resellers:

    Let us know if/when you get one and we'll adjust your forum status.

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