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Thread: Strange egr values

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    Strange egr values

    Hi, im kais from spain, thats my english could be a little bad, i have a seat exeo 2.0 tdi with caga engine and im looking the consume is higher than normal, thats the reason i use vcds and give me values than i am not sure how to interpret them and what steps to follow. Say before at all that the car is remapped. I thought at first that the problem is the egr but im not sure if its the valve or another temperature sensor and how can i locate it. Thanks!!!

    IDE00347 Air mass: actual value: 13.74 g/s
    IDE01259 EGR Solen.val.: actual value 99.61 %
    ENG105101 Actual air mass 499.3 mg/stroke
    ENG105142 Air t EGR Clr Ds -270.6 C
    ENG106063 EGR valve activation 100.00 %
    IDE00191 Charge air pressure: actual value 978 hPa
    IDE00350 Air mass: specified value 250.0 mg/stroke
    ENG105129 Air Ctl m Min Dvt -3276.8 mg/stroke
    ENG105134 Air p Adj PCAC Ds -6 hPa
    ENG105136 Air p Sens PCAC Ds 977 hPa
    ENG105142 Air t EGR Clr Ds -270.6 C
    ENG105205 AS Mod dm Ind Air Ref 37.9 kg/h
    IDE00427 Particle filter: difference pressure -2 hPa
    IDE00428 Particle filter: offset for differential press. -10 hPa
    IDE01361 exh.gas recirc. (EGR) cooler pump: specified value 95.00 %
    ENG105225 AS Mod t Exh Mnf Ds 20.0 C

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    WE'll need to see a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan so we can see how your Exeo is equipped - please use the English version of VCDS.

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