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Thread: Increasing Alternator voltage with VCDS?

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    Increasing Alternator voltage with VCDS?

    Hello Community

    I have a 2011 Amarok, as far as I know, the alternator is controlled by the ECU.
    Bit of a long shot but is it possible to increase the alternator output voltage for charging and float, via VCDS programming?
    If have browsed through the menus but couldn't find any obvious ways for any adjustments.
    I know about the diode mod for alternators to increase voltage but if there is a solution via programming, that would certainly be more elegant.

    Reason for voltage adjustment is that I have replaced my lead acid battery with a Lithium battery, which unfortunately never gets fully charged as it likes to sit around 14.5V for float and 15ish for charging. Unfortunately my alternator voltage tops out at 14.2V and float is around 13.7ish. that's not optimal.

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    We'll need a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan of your Amarok so we can see exactly what hardware & software versions are installed of the modules.

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