Not too difficult to set up and get working, but a few things:

VCDS Mobile autoscan works nearly flawlessly, a little slower than my HEX CAN cable though
VCDS beta 14.2.3 auto scan drops off while scanning and I only get a partial list

I can't add any information (yet) to saved Mobile autoscans. On desktop version, I add mileage of every car I scan and if the VIN doesn't automatically come up, I enter the last 6 of the VIN in the license plate field. This has worked well for the last several years and I don't think I have had any rewritten in over 3000 autoscans (wearing out 3 cables in the process!).

I can't register for the cloud. I don't know if I need to clear out the NET cache or what, but my user name comes up available and passwords match. The register button stays dim.

I haven't had much time to mess around with switching between AP and Infrastructure mode, but what I have tried in both works. But each time I try to test the device in desktop version, it always makes me do it twice (fails the first time).

Also what does the button on the end do? Switch between wireless modes? I can see a change in LED activity when it's pushed. I searched a bit but maybe haven't watched to correct video yet.