2014 RS5

03110 - Active Steering Control Module (J792) Check DTCs
01324 - Control Module for All Wheel Drive (J492) Check DTCs

B1168 - Steering Angle Sensor: Synchronization Failed
C10AC - Steering: End stops not learned

Able to do a G85 relearn in the Steering Wheel electronics (J527) without issue.
Has the amber steering wheel ligth in the cluster. Test drive doing the lock to lock turns over and over, warning light never goes out. J500 still has the codes.

J527 was reporting live data for the G85, when doing lock to lock turns, found they were VERY different values lock to lock.

Come to find out that the body shop (bless their heart) put the steering wheel on maybe 30 degrees off center... you know those dot punches that everyone knows to line up... they didn't. The front tie rods... one side way in... the other side way out.. yep, that's normal.

Centered up steering wheel on steering column, alignment and G85 relearn, test drive... all good.