Morning all. The low pressure side of things is the only one that doesn't work.I cant get it to work as I don't know what value to input on the screen as it comes up and says out of range.

Jack European parts this was an old scan and yes id rectified a wiring issue by the charge air cooler on top of engine. Like I said I know these puppies and their quirks. Just not how to get the low pressure system to bleed.

Ive done the bleeding cooling circuit which is the running one. The other one is with the ignition just will not work.

Regards Danners

Sorry, I'm on restriction for being bad & currently in a one on one cell, my neck is so tight, I can hardly breathe with this noose attached.............

Hey CO is lunch coming soon?


What is the current scan now after all repairs & current DTC's of record?

What is not happening screenshots maybe?