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Thread: Chassis number (VIN), I need a volunteer for mini experiment :P

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    Are you actually trying to repair something that is broken?


    I thought it was stated it was an aforementioned 'great mod' attempt, NOT a comporting repair or maybe could be considered a tweak or retrofit?

    What type of Putz comes to the forum and fails to get verified nor post an auto-scan since 2018 and if doing alleged research, further fails to search for auto-scans with the part number they seek and grab the VIN number on their own?

    WTF over!

    Anther case or attempt to willfully purport FOD!


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    Quote Originally Posted by iichel View Post
    Even though you perhaps raise a valid point, I feel like this may not entirely be the correct attitude or tone to ask for a favour.
    I'm sorry I can't help since I don't own a car that fits the specifications.
    I asked a trivial question in a 'generic' forum and I always answered politely .... read the posts of others well ......... I am certainly not rude ... I asked for a vin of a person who has a certain piece in the car nothing more nothing less and the answer is that I have to be verified ????? .... also because the forum is full of unverified users with vcds clone who ask questions and have answers on vcds ... I don't even mention it in any of my requests .... since I am registered I want to bring free android auto to those who do not have it ... I have the procedure, I have 1 file missing .... now even trying to do good you have a 'hand'

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    Quote Originally Posted by pollopopo View Post
    also because the forum is full of unverified users with vcds clone who ask questions and have answers on vcds
    Full of clone users? I don't think so. They get put in the special user category "Pirate" and sent to the Hall of Shame.

    A quick search turns up one member here who has what you are looking for, but he removed the VIN from his scan. See:
    He last posted in December, so perhaps if you PM him, he's might be willing to share his VIN with you.


    PS: I think we are done here.
    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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