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Thread: Does clearing fault codes reset anything else?

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    Does clearing fault codes reset anything else?

    Stupid question maybe. Iíve noticed that when I clear fault codes (even if there are no fault codes) the car immediately feels more responsive on the throttle and more willing to accelerate. I wondered how VCDS might work in this regard.

    I first noticed it when I had a boost pressure sensor fault code, I would clear the code and car would drive better for a couple of days until the fault returned. I replaced the sensor and cleared the fault and car drove better. After a couple of dayís it felt different enough for me to check for faults again. It feels like I need to press the throttle further because it lacks responsiveness, and MPG is 10% worse. And no I havenít changed driving mode. No codes this time, but I clicked the clear faults button and hey presto itís responsive again.

    Assuming VCDS isnít doing something I donít know about what should I look for in live data? Is there a throttle %?

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    My guess would be that clearing that/those fault codes also makes the ECM reset it's learning of your driving style and hence how sharply it responds to throttle inputs returns to a factory default.

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    Clearing faults in a (gasoline) ECU definitely resets the long-term fuel trims.

    We can't even begin to tell you what to look at in terms of measuring values without knowing what ECU you have, so please post (or link to a previously posted) Auto-Scan from the car in question.

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