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Thread: Audi A6(c5)ABS module won't code with VCDS???

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    Audi A6(c5)ABS module won't code with VCDS???

    Hi , all

    First of all I'm sorry for my bad grammar , English is not my strong size , but I try to explain what kind of problem I had

    I need to reprogramm my car's ABS/ESP module and set steering wheel angle. I try , but something is wrong.

    My car is :

    Audi A6(c5) Avant
    2002 year
    1.9 TDI ( engine code AWX 96kw/130hp.)
    Manual gearbox

    ABS modul is Bosch ESP 5.7
    4B0 614 517 G
    Brake type is 1 LB

    That's how I try :

    1) Switch ignition On
    2) Connect the VCDS to my car
    3) Go to ABS Brakes
    4) Then I go to this link
    5) There I select my type car , than [03] - brake electronics & than Bosch 5.7
    6) There is nummbers I need , if I understand it correctly I need Login 07555 & Coding 06255. Correct ?
    7) Than back in VCDS I select Login and enter 07555
    8) Than I select Coding and enter 06255

    And right now my problems begin

    VCDS reconnect's to ABS , than it shows that soft coding is 00000 & wsc 00000

    And nothing happens.

    Can anybody explain what I doing wrong , why I can't reprogram ABS ?

    Hopefully you can understand what kind of problem I had

    VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator
    VCDS Version: Release 12.12.0 (x64)
    Data version: 20130910
    VIN: WAUZZZ4B72N006264   License Plate: 
    Mileage: 179950km-111815mi   Repair Order: 
    [Remainder of scan from pirated VCDS removed]
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