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Thread: MK7 R rear kessy door handles retrofits

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    MK7 R rear kessy door handles retrofits

    I am writing this post as a guidance for those who would like to retrofit rear kessy door handles to MK7 Golf platform.

    As an extra information, it has been done on mk7.5 golf, but mk7.5 already has the new kessy module which has 40 pin connector (3Q0-959-435-G).
    In this case you have only to buy the handles (same as front ones) every handle has 4 wires, one ground and the other three goes directly to the kessy module, with little coding adjustment you can make it work

    Most Mk7 cars has the old 32 pin connector kessy module (5Q0 959 435 B), so there is no extra space for the new handle wires.

    After comparing the wiring diagram from mk7 to mk7.5 , I swapped my old kessy with the new one, where i have also to add extra interior antenna.

    Also this required VCP tool to do parametrization for the new module.

    The conclusion is , it can be done
    Just wanted to share this and for anyone planning to do it i am here to help or even give guidance and wires location map (I donít know how you post pictures here)

    But i am really enjoying my rear door kessy handles :-).

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    good job. if only I had rear doors
    my Golf came out of the factory with 13 ECUs. now she has 20. and counting

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