Hello guys,
i have Audi A3 8l 2000 1.8t AUM 150bhp.
At the local car service they found this fault code:

16395-Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake)
P0011 - 35-10 - Retard Setpoint not Reached (Over-Advanced) - Intermittent

After that they scan blocks 90,91,93, which they say show timing belt and camshaft chain alignment. The Measuring block 93, Phase Position Bank 1 read -5.0 degrees KW and they say that this means the chain has stretched and/or the chain tensioner is going bad, becouse that spec should be 0. Measuring block 90 and 91, Adjustment bank 1 reads -1.0 degrees.
The timing belt and tensioner was changed before 2000km, and if i understand correctly, blocks 90 and 91 show that the belt is aligned correctly.
What is the tolerance for block 93 phase position? And should i replace the cams chain and tensioner asap, or i could drive this way (and for how long)?