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Thread: Caddy 1.9 sdi 99 year engine module coding

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    Caddy 1.9 sdi 99 year engine module coding

    Hi I'm put other ecu in this car.
    Now I have DTC for incorrectly coded ECU,and glow plug lamp is blinking,but car work normally !!!
    I mast to recode this ECU but I don't have coding from old ecu,if somebody know what codes use in this ECU ????
    Now is 00002 coding.

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    1. Post an complete autoscan. Best if You have scans with old and with new ECU's.
    2. For that age of TDI/SDI engines there are only two coding options. 00001 for AT and 00002 for MT.
    P.S. Lazy people use to code MT ECU as AT instead of repairing/replacing starter, replacing weak battery, cleaning ground connections etc. to get better starting behavior.

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