Swapped the engine/trans/driveline/electronics/modules from a 2011 S4 into my A4 Avant wagon. Few hiccups but it went pretty well all things considered. Have a thread on Audizine if you want/need more details. https://www.audizine.com/forum/showt...s4-Avant-build

Had to swap S4 stalk as A4 Avant stalk incompatible with S4 sport differential we retrofitted into my car. The S4 was a sedan so it did not have a rear wiper function. I did a lot of research and determined what stalk was in the Europe OEM S4 Avant and it was same stalk as US q5's after 2009. Bought a q5 stalk and swapped it in. Block measuring in VCDS shows the stalk is functional and responds as expected when triggered but the rear wiper does not work. Im wondering if anyone has any idea why? Im thinking maybe because the S4 was a sedan, perhaps the S4 CAN bus doesn't have a rear wiper protocol so its not sending the signal on? I really don't know.

Pre swap VCDS scan and post swap scan to follow. If anyone has any idea I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance for your time.