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Thread: Key immobilizer

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    Key immobilizer

    Does anyone know how to get the code in order to program a new key in my 2006 Passat? I do not have the key that it was included on. Does the dealership provide this? Do they charge? Is there a way to read it?


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    Your car never came with the PIN info. It isn't so much an urban legend as it is misinformation. There were in fact some cars, around 2001, that did in fact come with the PIN on a black plastic key tag. I think VW and Audi did this for maybe 2 years at best. Now cars came with a black plastic key tag for years and years, but there hasn't been a PIN listed on those for 18 years or more.

    If you want the PIN, then my suggestion is to start calling up automotive locksmiths and see if they can offer that service.
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