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Thread: High Beam Assist Activation

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    Hbuk: I suspect that m87a is suggesting that you do something like this:

    Before you start changing the settings on your car -make a "RAW-Hex" file of the major modules (at least) and preferably of ALL of the modules.

    "RAW- Hex" files are a relatively recent addition to later generation VCDS software: they are a really nifty way of quickly restoring the entire adaptation/coding database in a module back to the settings that applied when the file was created. So if the restore hex file was created before making changes, the process will relatively easily re-create the original factory database in the module. How good is that?

    Hopefully - you will never need to use the restore hex file - but for those times when the loose stools (otherwise known as the "brown stuff") and the fan collide, having these files as insurance will be well worth the effort (not that much effort is needed to create these little beauties).

    Find HERE a brief set of instructions for making and using RAW-hex files (you can also find a set of instruction on RT's on-line manual HERE). Clearly, you only need to make the RAW-hex file for the BCM in your case - but consider extending this to the other modules (as insurance for later changes). And of course to repeat - hopefully, you won't need to use the second - instructions in my link (i.e. the actual restore process).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DV52 View Post
    for those times when the loose stools (otherwise known as the "brown stuff") and the fan collide...
    Hbuk: I suspect that DV52 is suggesting when shit hits the fan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana View Post
    Posting the Adaptation function map from 09 might be necessary but I'd search for "Fernlicht" the next time you are connected to the BCM. I believe one if the channels named Fernlichtassistent may apply.
    Isn't there a difference between the MQB and MLB-EVO platforms?
    I know this is the correct way on the MQB platform, but those of us on the MLB-EVO platform can't find Fernlicht to save our lives....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rs5iswicked View Post
    Isn't there a difference between the MQB and MLB-EVO platforms?
    Yes, they are totally different platforms.

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