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Thread: VW Polo 2011 with s/hand engine ecu faults in ecu

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    Is G17 standard equipment or is bay empty in ecu plug when compare to WD takes place?
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    Hi guys,

    Lots of good suggestions here. The support crew at HEX Microsystems contacted us via e-mail on behalf of the OP and I replied however I'll paste the bulk of that reply below in the event the final feedback ends up here.

    I agree with the G17 suggestions in forum.  G17 is standard equipment in
    most parts of the world and address 17-Instruments relays the
    information over the databus so modules such as 01-Engine, 03-ABS and
    similar have the outside air temp information.
    I didn't dig into wiring diagrams, and that's not a bad idea per Jack's
    suggestion to make sure the wiring is present and connected to the
    proper component, however PartsLink24 shows a factory fitted ambient
    temperature sensor.  Temp screen shot link:
    I'd make sure 1J0 919 379 A is both installed and that the wiring
    diagram matches the terminal arrangements/wire colors at the sensor itself.
    If that doesn't shed any light I suppose it might not hurt to verify the
    instrument cluster or the wiring at it wasn't modified.  Also, measuring
    block group 002 in address 17 contains useful info:
    002,2,Fuel Level
    002,3,Fuel Sender,Resistance
    You might want to compare that data to MVB 008.1 (per NEtech) in address 08.

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