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Thread: Audi S4 B8.5 left rear signal problem

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    Audi S4 B8.5 left rear signal problem

    Hello all,

    I do not own a VCDS cable thus cannot post anywhere else. Checked codes through BT module for OBD. I am trying to find possible issue for my problem before going to Audi for resolution. I have had the car scanned for codes but nothing shows up, maybe someone here will have a hint (tried to get help elsewhere but no luck).

    What my car does is when I start it all is good but once I turn on the left signal a message shows that the left rear light has a problem. All left turn signals work just fine though, don't blink any faster and I do not have any LEDs gone bad (have checked them). How come the car did not show any codes, does it not monitor the lights? Any hints where the issue could be? Have the crossed light bulb on my maxidot thus cannot see oil temp etc. and the blinker sound is faster for the left side. Thanks on any advice of how to find the possible cause of this.

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    Welcome to our forum. This is a forum for those using VCDS.

    You did not find fault codes with the tool you used. How can you know if that tool is fully compatible with your vehicle?

    The blinker sound having a faster rep rate would seem to point to a lamp not working on the left side.

    Yes, as far as we know, the lamps are monitored for faults.

    With no codes, no clues other than the blinker rep rate, sounds like either a scan with another tool or a trip to Audi is needed.

    Good luck....

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