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Thread: How to change “Inspection in 365 days” alert to only appear when within 30-days

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uwe View Post
    Sure, but those weren't actually due to be reset yet. So I'm wondering if resetting the ESI channels without a scan tool, using the car's menus, will cause the behavior you described. I'm pretty sure that resetting the ESI channels with a scan tool won't do that.


    The dealership rep told me the vehicle wasn’t scanned [during service], so we might also assume the car’s menu was used for reset – I’m thinking the same; this method may not affect the FIX/INSP settings…I’m sure you're aware, but for anyone else reading, there are two VCDS options for SRI reset: ESI/OIL and FIX&ESI/INSP. My module 17 Map after service shows the ESI/OIL channels were reset, but not the FIX channels - I was only able to clear the “Inspection in 365 days” message today by using the later FIX&ESI/INSP reset option - I love this product!

    Thank you Uwe, and Ross-Tech

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