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Thread: Sharan 2019 lane assist

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    Sharan 2019 lane assist


    I'm new member here and also owner of new Sharan 2019. Problem is now that I would like to change car so that it remember status of lane assist when engine is started. Now it works so that if I deactivate lane assist from car's menu it goes off but when I shut down engine and start it again then lane assist is active again.
    This lane assist is dangerous feature when you drive on ice covered roads because it start "steering" in some cases and specially on those cases when it lose lane and find it again.
    Can this been changed with vcds?

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    Without seeing a full unedited VCDS Auto-Scan of your 2019 Sharan (they are not all identical, hardware and software can change during model years) it's not possible to definitely answer your question.

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