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Thread: 2003 VW Beetle Conv - 01179 - Incorrect Key Programming

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    Quote Originally Posted by rntrary View Post
    I got it to work with following variation in video d6Cw.
    After select 46, goto chan 01
    click on the displayed chan 01 and read becomes highlighted
    click on highlighted read
    enter new value (2)
    test, save and are you sure
    then click lock button on each remote
    tadah it works !

    perhaps the d6Cw video needs to be updated
    I'm not sure what the difference here is, except that you apparently didn't use the [Up] button form channel 0. Using the [Up] (or [Dn]) button causes VCDS to do the Read automatically. If you go to a channel by typing its channel number, or selecting it from the drop-down list, than you must click [Read].

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    X2 here .
    It clearly say on Video , "type number in new value is how many remotes you have" , they say TEST , SAVE then click lock (or you can even press unlock it does not make difference) and car should make some conformation, Beep or Hazards( In Mk4 is it usually beep) .
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    I clearly stated in the beginning I duplicated the steps in the video step by step, one by one, multiple times and it did not work for me

    honestly, I got it to work by accident.
    in the last iteration I inadvertently skipped the reading channel 0, under 10 adaptation, and went directly to chan 01 thinking it was chan 0.
    noticed chan 01 read was grayed out there but became non-grayed out when I clicked chan 01. so I figured why not try click read and do remaining steps and then it worked.
    may be an issue. I wouldn't know. just relating my experience. maybe can help someone else.

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