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Thread: Highline CECM swap 2014 Sportwagen (With Kessy)

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    Highline CECM swap 2014 Sportwagen (With Kessy)

    So there isn't a ton of info out there about this swap as it relates to cars with Kessy. I saw a few people had tried it but found that not all Highline CECMs are compatible with Kessy, and they were not able to re-pair their keys. It doesn't seem to affect the immobilizer since they can still start the car by holding the fob up to the start button.

    Does anyone know of a definitive list of Kessy compatible part numbers? Is there a re-learn procedure that can be done with VCDS to re-pair the keys after the swap? I would rather *NOT* have to go to the dealer to get Kessy working again.

    I don't have a full scan, since I don't have the car yet. I will be picking it up Friday so I can post it then.
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