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Thread: A6 2.7tdi Vp44 fuel Pump

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    A6 2.7tdi Vp44 fuel Pump

    I'm looking at buying an 2008 A6 2.7tdi with 98,000 miles but the only thing which is putting g me off is the fuel pump.
    I've had dealings with this kind of pump on a 2002 2.2 Saab 93 which was a nightmare and I don't want that Hassel again.
    So my question is, if the pump fails on this A6 and I get a 2nd hand replacement do I have to have it coded/married to the car ? And, does the 2nd hand replacement need divorcing from its original car before it can go onto into mine ?

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    I believe this is only for the Injection Pump on 2.5l V6 TDI Engine, I could be wrong, but it does not look like the 2.7L TDI supports this function.

    By the way, did you buy the vehicle? If so post up a scan in the Reference Scans and Maps of Non-Broken Cars section of the Ross-Tech forum. Any of our current Ross-Tech interfaces will work with this vehicle,

    Hope this helps,


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    VAG 3,0l and 2,7l V6 TDI engines are equipped with the Common Rail fuel system. Nothing to do with VP44/PSG5 here.
    P.S. SAAB and Opel/Vauxhall have something even better than PSG5 - it is PSG16 - complete engine ECU integrated in upper part of HPFP
    P.S.2 Never had any problems with marrying or virginaizing/remarrying new or used PSG5 or PSG16. Correct knowledge, correct tools Nowadays only problem is to find a good used one. And price for new is two or more times higher than price for that car...

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