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Thread: VCDS Coding Of Fiscon Kufatec 37196 to D3 S8 MMI 2G high

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    VCDS Coding Of Fiscon Kufatec 37196 to D3 S8 MMI 2G high

    Hi Folks Happy New Year,
    Can you point me in the direction of an instruction for using VCDS to code a Fiscon Kufatec 37196 bluetooth module to my 2006 Audi D3 S8 with MMI 2G high?
    ‘the Fiscon instruction manual guidance is to go to an Audi Dealer to have it coded😩

    Any help appreciated,

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    stephen: Hi. I know absolutely nothing about the Fiscon device - but if you used the installation manual HERE, then a not unreasonable (IMO) translation of the coding information on page 9 goes something like this:

    1. Select the hex07 module (Control Head Front) from the main screen
    2. Select adaptation
    3. Select channel 12
    4. change value to 2 - Cell Phone Preparation OR Bluetooth Phone installed (PR-9ZG/9ZW)

    Now, the thing that's not mentioned is the SA - I assume that it is not needed (because the A8 wiki page HERE doesn't mention it)

    VW Golf MkVII (MY13) - A3 8V hatch (MY17)

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