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Thread: VCDS on iOS

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    Question VCDS on iOS

    Hello and Happy New Year to all!
    My laptop used for VCDS has died, and was mostly used for VCDS as I use a PC for all other tasks.
    Any plans to support iOS?
    It would be so nice to be able to use an iPad for VCDS!
    If an iOS app was available we could possibly connect a Bluetooth transmitter at usb end of VCDS cable to interface with an iOS device?
    Now that OBD11 is supporting iOS, switching over would be much cheaper than purchasing a new laptop to use for VCDS.
    Thoughts/info on possibility to use an iPad with VCDS?

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    A HEX-NET interface will work with iOS through wifi with VCDS-Mobile. It is recommended that you have access to a windows PC for updating and configuration purposes, which it seems that you do. However, VCDS-Mobile is still in development and does not support every function that VCDS does. If you already have an older style interface, you might want to instead look at getting a cheap windows tablet to run native VCDS on, many can be found for quite decent prices right now that will happily run VCDS.

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