Hi Guys,

I have the above 2 cars, both of which had suspension repairs done after accidents (by previous owners!).
Both give errors for the ride height sensors being out of the allowable tolerance.
It is only a small amount like 15mm, but enough to make the car beep after a few minutes of driving each time.

I have searched and searched on the forums and internet in general and cannot find anything much on re-calibration of these.
My cars DO NOT have air suspension, but using the guides for air suspension as a base, I still can't make progress after fiddling for hours.

I think the problem may be I need a securing code for module 74: Chassis control before it will allow me to delete calibration and start the process. Try as I might to find the security code online I cannot find it either.
I have tried a bunch of different security codes without success.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

I think the calibration procedure will be similar to the below -

I also have access to ODIS, but this wasn't any more useful than the VCDS for what I was trying to do.

Thanks in advance.