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Thread: Bluetooth/Telephone contact issue suddenly.

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    Bluetooth/Telephone contact issue suddenly.

    Long time user of VCDS but have not delved into MMI adaptation for fear of toasting it.

    I have two C6/A6s - an 08 Avant and an 09 Prestige sedan and a Samsung Galaxy S7 with bluetooth working flawlessly in both cars until about 6 months ago. I noticed on both that my phonebook was not updating in the car as I was adding/deleting contacts on the phone. So, I deleted all phones in both cars, reset all defaults on both MMIs, and unpaired everything on the phone. When pairing again, the following confuses me...

    The 08 pulled an old listing that isn't current on the phone - it's an old backup from Verizon cloud which I no longer use and is disabled on my phone. It clearly wasn't pulling off the phone as deleted contacts appeared and new contacts did not. As a test, I re-installed Verizon cloud on the phone and backed up the contacts. Voila - correct version in the 08. That I don't get. Is it pulling contacts from the local wireless carrier directly rather then the phone itself??

    The 09 absolutely refuses to pull the phonebook in for the first time ever. It pulls dialed, missed, and received but will not pull the phonebook. Both systems allow normal bluetooth calling. Both SW versions are 4610 and both address 77 codes are 0010900. Because I could recover the 08 and not the 09, I'm guessing I have a problem with the 09 - conveniently just got it back from dealer rear brake service? The 09 is my daily driver.

    Tried connecting an IPhone 10, and a Galaxy 10. No contacts would import for those phones either. All paired and functioned except for contact import. Is there any setting in MMI that would prohibit importing contacts only? Does MMI store a log of confiuration changes? I'd like to compare all of the relevant settings between the 08 (which works fine) and the 09, but am unsure which I need to look at. I would also say that the 09 telephone performance seems to have deteriorated over time (dropped calls/lost voice increasing).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Perhaps a dumb question, but have you looked at the BT settings for these two cars in your phones? Is contact sharing allowed for both cars?

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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