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Thread: 1991 coupe with the 7A 20V engine

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    1991 coupe with the 7A 20V engine

    I have a 1991 coupe with the 7A 20V engine, Hitachi ECU and Bosch ISV.

    The Ross-Tech VCDS software can connect to the ECU and check/clear engine codes, perform output tests, read measuring blocks and enter basic settings mode. These are all documented in Bentley.

    The VCDS also reads channels 1-15 and I have no idea what those numbers mean. The VCDSalso enters the adaptation section and all I can do is reset the adaptation which always reads 000 - I don't know what I am doing there either or whether of I can do anything besides reset the adaptation. These areas are not documented in Bentley or anywhere else I checked. Does anyone on this forum have any links or PDFs so I can get the most out of 15 channels VAG-COM reads, adaptation and my 1991 7A 20V?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the VCDS forum OP

    Post a scan of what you have please & respective measuring block values or adaption channels of each............

    What are you attempting to achieve?

    Have you attempted blink codes too or only rapid data transfer?

    Does you car support MIL?
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