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Thread: VCDS Mobile No Asam data found

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    Sir, that is clearly not the same HVAC module that you previously posted the details from.

    It is not clear to me why the server is not giving your HEX-NET ASAM data for that module, but I can see that it is indeed not doing so.

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    Hi Uwe,

    Seems like if i push save after autoscan, i was expecting to have the file seen on the cloud, but seems like for this car didn't happen, and i figure out today when i tried to put the autoscan ( i didn't find it in the cloud). So the HVAC module is actually from my other car, because i didn't paid attention to the vin, i was looking to.
    I looked on the saved files on the mobile, and tried to upload them manually, but didn't had luck, might be a limit/time/upload.

    Anyway sorry for that mistake, and hopefully we can find a solution to this.

    Also i looked on an older log now, for which i didn't had ASAM data, and now those are fixed, except this HVAC:

    Address 77: Telephone (J412) Labels: 7P6-035-730.clb
    Part No SW: 7P6 035 730 D HW: 7P6 035 730 D
    Component: TELEFON H05 0440
    Revision: 1B001001
    Coding: 0A01000000000001
    Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00000
    ASAM Dataset: UHVNA A01007
    ROD: N/A
    VCID: 33298CCF5ADEE0D9B310A8-8066

    No ASAM data for: "UHVNA"

    Address 52: Door Elect, Pass. (J387) Labels: 3C0-959-70X-GEN4.clb
    Part No SW: 3AA 959 702 A HW: 3C0 959 792 C
    Component: TUER-SG BT 002 0529
    Revision: 14110009
    Coding: 0200B6
    Shop #: WSC 05311 115 00000
    ASAM Dataset: EV_TSGBPQ35BRFVW46X A04001
    ROD: N/A
    VCID: 362FB5DB49ACF5F1940EC9-8063

    No ASAM data for: "EV_TSGBPQ35BRFVW46X"

    Address 17: Instruments (J285) Labels: 3C8-920-xxx-17.clb
    Part No SW: 3AA 920 870 A HW: 3AA 920 870 A
    Component: KOMBI H20 0420
    Coding: 161B00
    Shop #: WSC 36860 001 1048576
    ASAM Dataset: EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09 A04089
    ROD: N/A
    VCID: 302383C3ABC8DBC1CEF28F-8065

    No ASAM data for: "EV_Kombi_UDS_VDD_RM09"

    And so on..
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    Hey guys,

    Any way, we can figure out how i can solve my issue on vcds mobile app for the following module?

    Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255) Labels: 5K0-907-044.clb
    Part No SW: 5K0 907 044 EA HW: 5K0 907 044 EA
    Component: Climatronic H17 1010
    Revision: 00003001
    Coding: 0000000003
    Shop #: WSC 00015 115 00000
    ASAM Dataset: EV_Climatronic A01010
    ROD: N/A
    VCID: 6E9F5DBB717C8D319C5E21-803B

    No ASAM data for: "EV_Climatronic"


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