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Well, I donít need any work done; no fault codes present; no software updates pending that Iím aware of; there is however a current campaign regarding Front Sunroof Drain Cleaning & Modification Ė basically, Iím just taking the car in because I feel itís required to maintain my warranty. This particular dealership will likely scan the vehicle (to what level, Iím not sure) and perform a free ďMulti-Point Vehicle InspectionĒ.

I appreciate your comments and Iím not as worried, but Iíll certainly let everyone know if something wired occurs. Iím a bit surprised on the other hand that there arenít more first-hand postings on this, given Mods/Tweaks have been going on for some time now and dealerships can be difficult when it comes to warranty issues.


Well just as Uwe (and others) said, took the car in for the 1-yr/10k-m service and the dealership didn't even scan the vehicle...go figure - I sure was worried about nothing. A caveat, I didn't present any complaints or need repairs - might have been a different story had I. On the other hand, I did learned allot about using my log files and how to apply/reverse VCDS mods.

Thank you - everyone