hi, guys looking for some help, I have 2008 a6 c6 Quattro 4.2L, I would like to install parking sensors the car came without sensors, I am wondering if I can take the parking sensors from donor car 2006 a6 c6 3.2L does anyone know what I need to make retrofit into my car,

what do I need to take off from the donor car apart form the sensors and Park Driver Assist Module 4F0919283B
does every car have the wiring installed from the factory and ready to add the pieces together and make this work? or do I need pull the wiring from the donor car too that run from the front all the way to the back where the module will be located form my understanding so far it sits next to the navigation system

I would also like to add the star push button ...can this be done since my car did not come with parking sensors and push start
I just bought the vcds cable from Ross tech too as I hear I need to code it

any help is greatly appreciated thank you