Hi guys, I've just stuck an R8 RVC module on my 8p 04 plate, however I still have a problem. When I put in reverse RNS-E screen flickers and image from RVC comes up for a few seconds, and then RNS-E gets back to function screen. RVC module throws 02283 - Video Connection to Output [End Unit] 011 - Open Circuit fault. Sticking in reverse again won't bring the RVC screen unless I go thought iginition cycle or clear the DTC with VCDS, but again it appears for few sec and comes back to function. Over and over again. I've triple checked the loom, and camera signal cable, all seems to be good (worked flawlessly on my previous 8P). Anyone has an idea where the problem could be? What is indicated as End Unit as per DTC? RNS-E?