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Thread: B8 S4 ZF8 Swap

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    B8 S4 ZF8 Swap

    Very limited information on this swap or the feasibility of it for that matter is available. I am going to share what I have found, what I'm working with and the hurdles I'm anticipating if this is followed through with.

    This is involved with A4 Avant swap that I am working on and the path will reflect that. The idea I'm working with is swapping over the engine and necessary hardware and adapting it to the transmission that is in place.

    So as far as the wiring goes there are two paths to take.

    - Path one - Pick up a wiring harness from a 3.0t Q5 or SQ5.
    - Path two - unpin transmission plug from 2.0t harness and repin into 3.0t harness

    Path two is less expensive and is the more likely path in this scenario.

    The DL501 and the ZF8 are nearly identical in their wiring.

    There are 4 Wires shared with the ECU and TCU on the DSG. Two are bus wires. One wire goes to the main body harness and one is a direct connection (Throttle control is my theory).

    ZF8 has 3 wires. The two bus wires and the one that goes to the same pin in the main body harness.

    So wiring wise, it looks like they are similarly setup with the ZF8 being simpler on the grounds of being less concerned with rev matching.

    My real concern is coding.

    Here is the S4 Engine/Trans coding

    Address 01: Engine (J623-CCBA) Labels:| 06E-907-551-CAK.clb
     Part No SW: 8K0 907 551 B HW: 8K0 907 551 A
     Component: 3.0T SIMOS84 H07 0002
     Revision: --------
     Coding: 0104000A240F0128
     Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
     ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM30TFS0218K0907551B 001002
     ROD: EV_ECM30TFS0218K0907551B.rod
     VCID: 302C055B6BCA4ACF29-8064
    Address 02: Auto Trans (J217) Labels:| 0B5-927-156.clb
     Part No SW: 8K1 927 156 K HW: 0B5 927 156 F
     Component: 0B5 30TFSINAR H05 0008
     Revision: --H05--- Serial number: 0000001212
     Coding: 000001
     Shop #: WSC 06325 000 00000
     ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDL501 A02087
     ROD: EV_TCMDL501.rod
     VCID: 3D322C6FAC98B7A7B2-8068
    Here is the A4 Engine/Trans coding

    Address 01: Engine (DL0MA-CAEB)       Labels:| 06H-907-115-CAB.clb
       Part No SW: 8K2 907 115 AD    HW: 8K2 907 115 D
       Component: 2.0l R4/4V TF H19 0003  
       Revision: E1H19---    
       Coding: 010C010A290F0160
       Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
       ASAM Dataset: EV_ECM20TFS0118K2907115AD 001006
       ROD: EV_ECM20TFS0118K2907115AD.rod
       VCID: 71BCDCA0E12340CF613-8024
    Address 02: Auto Trans (J217)       Labels:| 0BK-927-156.clb
       Part No SW: 8K0 927 158 K    HW: 0BK 927 156 N
       Component: 0BK 20TFSIUSA H08 0010  
       Revision: --H08---    
       Coding: 001112
       Shop #: WSC 06335 000 00000
       ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMAL551211 001013
       ROD: EV_TCMAL551211_001.rod
       VCID: 3E26379CE0FDEFB7AC1-806A
    Now here are some pictures of what I was looking at in VCDS on the S4's engine module that sparked the idea for this.

    When I tried changing the coding it was not accepted.

    Alright, so here are my questions.

    - Do these coding options show up on any engine module for this generation of A4/S4?
    - Would changing this coding be as simple as having the security code for the module and recoding it?
    - Is all of this possible through VCDS?
    - Is it possible through ODIS?
    - Would a dealer even be willing to take on a coding change like this?

    I know that the TCU has component protection and I would consider that a minor problem relative to getting coding to work.

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    This will generally be a question of what the software the ECU or TCU (as well as other modules) are compatible with. Just because coding bits exist and are documented does not mean the software in the module supports that functionality.

    A bit of history: Prior to MY2000, just about every ECU could be coded between manual and automatic. But starting with the advent of CAN networking in MY2000, VAG started using software that was specific to the type of transmission in some (but not all) ECUs. Those ECUs still had coding bits (or configurations) for the transmissions they didn't support, but would reject them every time. The only way to use the other type of transmission was to reflash a different software into them that supported the desired transmission type.

    I suspect (but do not know for a fact) that you'll be looking at the same sort of headaches here.

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