I'm new to the forum and I believe my first post here. I'm total noob using VCDS, so bare with me. I have HEX-V2 USB cable and I registered it to my Huawei mate D windows 10 machine. The car is 2006 T5 2.5 TDi AXE automatic gearbox. Also the car has been REMAPPED 208bhp 460Nm.

I have 2 problems(or more depending if this is the culprit for the other problems or not):

1. When reading fault codes I got two Labels: Redir Fail! messages. One on Address 01: Engine and the other on Address 08: Auto HVAC. What does this mean exactly? Should I be worried?

Address 01: Engine Labels: Redir Fail!
Part No SW: 070 906 016 BD HW: 028 101 183 5
Component: R5 2,5L EDC G000AG 7001
Revision: 12345678 Serial number: VWZ7Z0F3418451
Coding: 0001075
Shop #: WSC 01286 386 08256
VCID: 53F37D1407EFFB2F245-5184

Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: Redir Fail!
Part No: 7H0 820 045 AC
Component: CLIMA/AC 0303
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
VCID: 6695B4C0A47D7E8753B-513C

I did some googling and found out that there are others with 128kw axe engine who have posted their VCDS readings and have the same label reading error. So, I looked in my computer c:\ross-tech\vcds\labels(+ .old and .older) folders and I couldn't find anything AXE related in any of them. However I did find 070-906-016-BPC.clb and 070-906-016-AXD.clb files. I would guess there should also be 070-906-016-AXE.clb files, am I right? But why is it missing if there should be one and how does it differ from the other two?

2. Missing of the labels bring me to the second problem. The protocol is KWP2000 and when trying to check the fuel rail pressure in channel 106, VCDS looses connectivity and and the cable starts to blink with red light. Also when manually using fuel lift pump in channel 035, the pump works maximum of around 30 seconds and the drop down menu is greyed out. Not sure if this is because the remap, or the label redir fail or both? In this tutorial the drop down menu is not greyed out, but mine is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZYJjMNfQ-I

I have not been using much VCDS and since I'm total nbeginner with it, I yet can't tell which is normal and which is not. But as of now, I feel I can't access all the data I should and it is because one of these problems.