Little update...

I did a bit digging today. had a wiggle of all the connectors on the voltage B side of the loom.

Unplugged the EGR valve and never threw a code (probably because the EGR has been mapped out due to previous issue) On the off chance I plugged it back in and the car dropped into limp mode. It did this a couple of times. ive left it unplugged for now and going to run the car over a few days to see if fault crops back up.

The crank sensor i think was just a false positive lead. If the 5V line has dropped down, then chances are the crank sensor has seen a significant drop in voltage to stop it from sending signal, hence why the ECU threw that code up in the scan. Cleared it off and it hasnt come back up 'yet' so probably nothing wrong with the sensor (otherwise it would more than likely happen all the time)

Ill run the car a few days and see what comes up. Hopefully unplugging the EGR sorts the issue out.

Does anyone know if the EGR is prone to condensing up with water inside the little black cap on the top of it? Heard someone mention they were pretty prone to it.

More FOD and finally admittedly for EGR "ass to mouth deletes", can't blame anyone for not wanting to do that, huh?

Thank you for confirming this suspicion.