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Thread: Disable air suspension Audi A6 4G?

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    Question Disable air suspension Audi A6 4G?

    Hello everyone,

    Is there a way to completely disable air suspension?

    I changed my air system by Airlift but I can not turn off my audi system.

    I could see that there is an option on the basic settings:

    IDE03944 Deactivate permantely level control

    When I activate it I have a red error message.

    Thank you already for your answers

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    Removing air suspension (or even just magnetic ride) is always complicated. These suspensions have sensors that other modules get data from via the CAN busses, for example the Headlight Range module. In some cases, you may have to retrofit the separate sensors that would be used on cars that did not have the air suspension. In some cases, you may even have to change some control modules to the ones used by cars that don't have air suspension.

    I would suggest you start by posting an Auto-Scan and also please explain what this "Airlift" consists of.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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