Battery went dead on my B7 RS4 since I haven't driven it in a couple months. After getting the battery charged up and the car going again my cluster dash lights (scales) are not showing up unless it's sunny outside. The first day it was overcast and I only had the needles lit up, which was different for me.

I have never had this issue in the past. My dash lights are always on and I never run with the headlight switch in the "Auto" position, it is always in the "OFF" position. When I open the door all the lights come on in the cluster (Scales & Needles) but after I shut the door they fade back to just the needles lit up, which I think is just the overheard lights affecting the sensor. If I shine a light into the light sensor on the cluster then the scales light up.

Of course when I turn on the headlights or parking lights the scales do light up but like I said I never had this issue in the past. I could be sitting in a parking lot at night with the engine running, no lights on and all my dash lights were on (Scales & Needles). It is awkward to start the car at night and only have the needles lit up.

I double checked with Vag-Com and my code was already set to 31300

Mode 0: Nothing lit until ext. light on
Mode 1: Pointers lit all the time
Mode 2: Scales lit all the time
Mode 3: Pointers and Scales lit all the time

Changing the first number had the desired effect for 0,1,2 but when I switched back to 31300 I still only see the needles light up. It seems as though adding the "3" in the front doesn't have any effect at all. Even though my car was already set to "3" it now all of the sudden after the battery going dead, do I have this issue.

Can't figure out WTF is going on here since I have never had an issue with the cluster before now??? Do I have any issue with the cluster or maybe the headlight switch is messed up. Everything else seems to function normally, parking lights, headlights, front fog and rear fog.