I may or may not have a issue that you guys can help me with.

On my Jetta I am having a problem with the hood not latching when I dropped the hood down. I watch some you tube video's on how to remove the latch. So today I tough I would attack this issue. Well I was able to remove the latch assembly from the car and fix the issue on why the latch was not rotating freely inside the asm. But during the process of removing the latch asm from the car the 2 wires that plug into the switch on the latch asm pulled out of the switch. Now my issue is that the open hood symbol on the dash will not turn off when the hood is closed. I tried shorting out the 2 wires (connecting both wires together) that went to switch so as to try to fool the dash light. And that didn't work. So now my question is there a way to fool the dash light using the VCDS software by telling the light not to turn on?

I haven't used the VCDS software a lot and I was hoping for some advice.